The purpose of this organization is to fund tri-Tryp biomedical research. Each year awards will be given to researchers in the tri-Tryp biomedical field.

Awards focus on four major groups: Development, Discovery, Supplement and Travel.

Development awards are different from usual awards/grants. These are given to research laboratories that show great potential in the tri-Tryp biomedical field. These encourage all facets of research and promote newcomers to the tri-Tryp biomedical field.

Discovery awards act as a means to encourage researchers to initiate new projects and broaden the understanding of the tri-Tryp diseases. Focus is given to projects that will revolutionize the scientific community and apply to new treatments, diagnostics and/or basic parasite biology.

Supplement awards are given to researchers with in-progress projects. These awards are given to supplement lab supplies and hire new laboratory positions such as technicians, graduate students and post-doctorate researchers.

Travel awards enable members of laboratory groups to present their findings at scientific meetings around the world. Scientific meetings and conferences can be very expensive and these awards enable technicians, graduate students, post doctorate researchers and young principal investigators to present their findings at a reduced cost.