About Us

About Us

ParaTryp Research Organization is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to biomedical research of the tri-Tryp parasites. The primary goal of this organization is to aid in the discovery of new drugs, treatments and diagnostics for these diseases. In order to achieve this, basic and applied purpose driven biomedical research areĀ funded through awards.

During the years leading up to the recent world wide economic slow down, funding for biomedical research was at an all time high. With the turn of the economy, funding slowed and it became increasingly harder to receive government grants. As you can imagine some fields of biomedical research were hit harder than others. The tri-Tryp diseases have been among these.

Another goal of the ParaTryp Research Organization is to increase public awareness of the tri-Tryp diseases. During my graduate and post doctorate training I noticed that the general public in the United States knew very little about these diseases. When comparing the public awareness of malaria or HIV/AIDS to the tri-Tryp diseases you will find that the tri-Tryp disease awareness level is almost non-existent. At ParaTryp we hope to change this for the better and increase tri-Tryp public awareness.

The ParaTryp board is currently comprised of 5 members:

Todd Lyda, President
Andrew Kelada, Vice President
Terry McCoy, Secretary/Treasurer
David Bate, Advisor
Pam Helms, Advisor

The ParaTryp Review Committee for Supplemental, Developmental and Discovery Awards:

Heidi Dodson, PhD
Elodie Ghedin, PhD
Glen McGugan, PhD
Patrick Vigueira, PhD