Travel Award Application 2019

The Travel Award Applications are Currently Closed!

Travel awards enable members of laboratory groups to present their findings at scientific meetings around the world. Scientific meetings and conferences can be very expensive and these awards enable technicians, graduate students, post doctorate researchers and young principal investigators to present their findings at a reduced cost.

For 2019, Para Tryp is giving out Travel Awards up to $500. These awards will cover any meeting/conference between May 1, 2019 and April 30, 2020. Awards are open to all technicians, undergraduate/graduate students, post doctorate researchers and young principal investigators involved in tri-Tryp research. The requirements and expectations are described below.

Recipients of the award will be announced by the end of June, 2019.

Travel Award Application 2019


1) Completed application. Please submit your application by May 31, 2019! The application can be found at the following link:

Travel Award Application Submission

2) Must be a technician, undergraduate/graduate student, post doctorate researcher or young principal investigator (<5 years as a principal investigator).

3) Must present your tri-Tryp research at the meeting in some format such as a poster or talk.

If accepted, we expect:

1) Attendance to the described meeting/conference. Proof of attendance is required for any future funding from Para Tryp Research Organization.

2) A picture of you at your meeting/conference to be placed on our website.